Tilde's highly committed team of researchers and experts drives innovation in advanced areas of language technologies (LT). We put a particular focus on researching novel approaches, to bring technological development of smaller languages on pair with larger ones. We actively participate in European research projects to foster collaboration and innovation with leading universities and language technology companies across Europe.

Inguna Skadiņa

Dr. sc. comp., Chief Scientific Officer

 Her research interests include MT, parsing and computational semantics. Inguna Skadiņa has participated in the development of the first English-Latvian rule-based and SMT systems. She has participated in many national and international projects related to LT and is the author and a co-author of more than 25 publications. Currently, she is the principal investigator of FP7 ACCURAT project, Latvian coordinator of CLARIN activities, also a senior researcher at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia, and a professor at Liepāja University.

Raivis Skadiņš

Dr. Comp. Sc., Chief Software Architect

 Raivis Skadins is the chief software architect at Tilde. He is leading development of Tilde’s language technology products – proofing tools, machine translation and other. R. Skadins participated in EC FP5 project Clarity, FP6 project Tripod, eContent Programme project EuroTermBank, FP7 project Accurat, ICT PSP projects LetsMT! and EASTIN-CL. Currently involved in FP7 projects TaaS and TTC, and ICP PSP project META-NORD. His main research interest is MT, he has received Dr. Comp. Sc. degree in 2012 (thesis “Combined Use of Rule-Based and Corpus-Based Methods in Machine Translation”) and is the author and a co-author of more than 20 publications.

Andrejs Vasiļjevs

Dr. sc. comp., Chairman of the Board

  Andrejs is co-founder and chairman of the board of Tilde. He received Ph.D. at the University of Latvia for the thesis work on terminology management. While taking responsibility for the overall business and operations of the company, Andrejs is also closely involved in Tilde’s research and development activities. He has provided leadership in several large scale EU R&D cooperation projects as the coordinator of the EuroTermBank (eContent), ACCURAT (FP7), LetsMT! (ICT-PSP) and META-NORD (ICT-PSP) projects. Andrejs is also member of Intergovernmental Council and Bureau for the UNESCO Information for All Programme (IFAP), vice-chairman of Latvia Information and Communications Technology Association, and member of the Commission of the State Language of Latvia.

Tatiana Gornostay

Dr. Philol., Senior researcher

 Tatiana Gornostay is an experienced researcher in Computational Linguistics. She completed her PhD studies in the Herzen University of Russia in 2009 at Applied Linguistics department (PhD thesis “Latvian-Russian Machine Translation in the System of Social Communication”, 2010). Tatiana Gornostay started working at Tilde in 2005 as a Russian language system project manager at Tilde Language and Reference Systems Department and actively participated in the development of language tools and resources. Since 2009 she has been working at Tilde Software and Architecture Department as a Senior researcher in computational linguist and participated in several national and international R&D projects related to language technologies (FP7 ACCURAT and TTC, ICT PSP META-NORD, as well as EUREKA Eurostars and ERDF projects. She is an author and co-author of more than 25 scientific publications. Her research interests lie in the area of human/computer-assisted/rule-based machine translation, terminology/terminography, comparative linguistics (studies in German, Baltic and Slavic languages), and linguistic resources.

Daiga Deksne

Dipl. Comp. Sc., Mg. Psych., Software Architect

 Graduated from the University of Latvia in 1991. Graduated from the Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy in 2009 and received a Social Science Master’s Degree in Psychology. Currently she is a student of bachelor program Baltic Philology at the University of Latvia. She is working with company Tilde since 1997. Daiga Deksne has participated in the development of electronic dictionaries, the Latvian and Lithuanian spellchecker and grammar checker, rule based translation system and other language related tools. She has participated in several national and international projects in the field of language technologies. Daiga Deksne is the co-author of several publications.

Mārcis Pinnis

MPhil, Researcher

 Graduated from the University of Latvia in 2004 (Bc. Comp. Sc., Riga, Latvia) and received a Master’s of Philosophy Degree in Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology from the St. Edmund’s College (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK) in 2009 for thesis “An Adaptable Scientific Summarizer”. He has been working with Tilde since 2011. Mārcis Pinnis has participated in the development of statistical morpho-syntactic taggers for Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian and named entity recognition for Latvian and Lithuanian. Previously he has been involved in the development of several scientific natural language processing projects in the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Latvia, involving a morphological analyzer and synthesizer for Latvian and a speech synthesis system for Latvian. He is currently involved in the FP7 project ACCURAT.

Kārlis Goba


Kārlis Goba


Kārlis is a researcher at Tilde. He has participated as a lead developer in many challenging language technology projects such as LetsMT!, Eastin-CL where machine translation systems for the Latvian language have been developed and improved. He has also developed the Latvian Text-to-Speech solution and the Part-of-Speech tagger. In research, his main interests are related to machine translation. 

Anne Kathrin-Schumann

Dipl.-Übers., Junior Researcher

 Anne-Kathrin Schumann graduated from the translation department of the University of Leipzig, Germany, in 2009 with a thesis on syntax-based second language reading difficulty. Building on previous experience in the manufacturing of electronic dictionaries, her work at Tilde focuses on multilingual terminology and methods for the automated enrichment of existing termbases with semantic information. Anne-Kathrin is a member of the German Translators’ Association BDÜ.

Septina Dian Larasati

Junior Researcher

  Septina is a junior researcher at Tilde and PhD student at Charles University in Prague. She received her Master's Degree in 2010 on thesis "Rule-Based Machine Translation of Related Austronesian Languages". Her main research interests are in the field of Computational Linguistic. At Tilde, she is a participant of Marie Curie project CLARA and focuses her research activities on sub-project topic "Translation Tools and Resources for Under-resourced Languages".