The Language Shore project of the Language Intelligence Technologies Center aims to create a global achievement center in Latvia for technologies related to small languages. It is going to unite and coordinate the cooperation of research institutions, digital content organizations, IT companies, academic institutions and other institutions in the field of language technologies.


Activities of the Center are based on various projects and its objective is to develop innovative research and practical solutions to make it possible to provide the best available technology support for users of Latvian and other small languages in their everyday work with various IT and communication technology applications, information search options, as well as machine translation and online services.

The Global Importance of the Idea

Along with the development of information technology and the growth of its importance in providing equal opportunities to access information and communicate in the modern society, there is an increased need to develop the small languages technologically on the global scale in order to decrease the digital gap formed between the groups of major and minor languages in the context of historical and technological developments. In the 7th Framework Program for the Research and Technological Development of the EU, the development of language technology is set forth as one of priorities. Accordingly, the interest of national and international companies about the possibilities of language and content processing technologies in the voice processing, search, translation and other areas for purposes of commercialization and product localization has grown rapidly.

National Importance of the Idea Implementation

By creating the language intelligence technology center, an opportunity opens up for Latvia to specialize and take the currently free niche of small languages technologies on the global scale. The center would develop and coordinate development and manufacturing of such technologies internationally and Latvia might get international appreciation in the market of high technologies and, by contributing to a positive image of the country, represent a knowledge- and innovation-based economy. Manufacturing of specific exportable industry products with high added value will facilitate the growth potential of Latvian IT companies internationally, as well as will attract considerable foreign investment to the national economy.

Language Shore — Latvian success story!

 Language Shore

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