The EuroTermBank system is an integrated termbank service, providing unified access to multiple terminology resources, as well as an interface to publishing terminology.

EuroTermBank provides:

  • Single access point to all terminology needs, providing continuously extended and updated content by adding new terminology resources and data;
  • Access to terminology – query schemes suitable for particular usage scenarios;
  • Publishing terminology – a service for terminology authors/providers to provide input to the system.

The EuroTermBank system is based on open data exchange standards. The system is accessible primarily through a Web browser. Users can pick a system interface language, depending on their preferences.

EuroTermBank can be used for:

  • Translation – Most users look to a terminological service for translational terminology. They require integration of multiple data sources and convenient user interface. It may also be a requirement to provide integration with popular CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools.
  • General research ("look up terms”) – This is a vague concept, but the action itself usually happens during research and reading. This requires comprehension and research assistance, which a terminological service must address.
  • Lexicography – The terminology system is a research tool when used by lexicographers, mostly through the stored definitions. For this purpose, integration of multiple data sources is essential.
  • Terminology manipulation – services for those who are (a) building their own termbases – this is basically a research facility with advanced filtering and export features, (b) providing input to the terminology bank.
  • Adding or changing entries – This is an interface of the service for terminologists providing input, i.e. integrating or aiming to integrate their terminology resources with the terminology bank. For their purposes, a standardized interface is required where (a) external terminology resources can be plugged into the service, (b) terminology resources are uploaded to system servers, (c) existing terminology resources are manipulated.





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