Tilde fonts will make your message distinctive

The design of each font is unique. Some fonts have design characteristics similar to the fonts from ancient original metal types. Designing fonts is a time-consuming process. It takes weeks, months, and years until ideas are transformed to their computerized form. Fonts are designed by artists, graphics and arts designers. Design and localization of fonts at Tilde is supervised by Tilde Art Director Gustavs A. Grinbergs.

Gustavs specializes in designing authentic Cyrillic types to the original Roman fonts. He also designs his own typefaces. Gustavs Grinbergs is a winner of the Linotype font design contests TakeType 3 in 1996 and the International Type Design Contest 2003. Many of his fonts are available online.

What should be considered when buying fonts

  • Typeface – font name or typical design properties of the typefaces
    E.g. News Gothic Condensed or another condensed sans-serif font
  • Languages to be covered
    E.g. Russian and Lithuanian, Turkish, Bulgarian
  • Number of workstations that will use the fonts
    E.g. on 10 workstations
  • Means of output, e.g., preview and print; embed without further modification; publish for producing electronic (eg. PDF) documents on a server; use on the web for formatting live text in web pages.

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