SOLIM Project

Tilde IT has joined SOLIM Project of the Eurostars program. The project title, SOLIM stands for Spatial Ontology Language for multimedia Information Modeling. The project is aimed to improve context aware information analysis beyond to venture beyond a static world, by adding the concepts of space and change.

SOLIM is a joint project of four partners, SemLab (NL), Tilde IT (LT), Picsearch (SE) and AGMLab (TU). The project started in September 2008 and will continue till March 2011. The official homepage of SOLIM project is:

The goal of the project is to extend the Web Ontology Language OWL to support effective storage and reasoning on spatial information, and to demonstrate the power of such extension for automatic processing of textual and graphical information in real proof of concept applications.

Since Tilde IT is involved in providing machine translation technologies for the European market, the new technology will be used as an addition to the set of techniques that improve machine translation results.

Main contribution by Tilde IT in SOLIM will be given in making the proof of concept i.e. designing, developing and implementing a translation system which makes use of ontologies, spatial ontologies in addition to the existing translation technologies. This essential task within the project will allow to evaluate the outcome from the research and development part of the project.

In business terms, the technological know-how to be gained from this project will provide Tilde IT the capacity to create innovative state-of-the-art translation applications and ensure that Baltic companies meet the growing market demand and are able to supply high quality translation products and services. Tilde IT as part of Baltic group of companies has main goal to improve machine translation quality and effectiveness in Lithuania as well as assist group companies to realize this task in all region.