SemTi project

Tilde IT aims to create a database of links between Lithuanian words, also known as linguistic semantic database.

Teh function of semantic web is to specify relationships between words. In other words, the network indicates how the words are related to each other, for example, to jog is synonymous with to run, it is also associated to to move. The web will allow search systems processing Lithuanian data work more eficiently.

Semantic web is basically a thinking template of a human, because it refers to the relationship between the words that are related by implication or by associations. E. g. before its accession to the european union, the word union mostly associated with soviet union for Lithuanians, but now it is mostly being associated with the european union. Lithuanian semantic web would greatly help marketing professionals, because it would help to predict public reaction to the proposed product promotions, packaging or name. Also this web could be used to identify positive or negative associations with its attention to the product. Therefore, such thinking map can be used to create new products and the generation of new or non-standard ideas.

Lithuanian language is wast in concern of quantity of words. One word can have more than 15 synonyms, although the common of us knows just 5 to 6 respectively. Detailed semantic web will help to save the Lithuanian language synonyms diversity.