• Wide functionality for automation of accounting processes
  • Incorporatin of the best accounting practices in Latvia
  • Easy to launch -- no large implementation necessary
  • Most affordable system in its class.
  • Low operating costs
  • Full compliance with Latvian legislation
  • Excellent support services

Tildes Jumis provides full accounting, supply chain management, HR and payroll, as well as data analysis functionality. The system includes a full set of statutory reports and ensures specific processes according to Latvian legislation. Compliance with  legislation is achieved by  regular software updates. You can easily adapt the system to the specific needs of your company.

Tilde Jumis doesn’t require any heavy implementation projects, because it is built as out-of-box solution and starts operating right after its installation. A wide range of add-on components developed by Tilde and its partners, as well as flexible system architecture, allow you to build a system that will help you effectively manage your business.

Learn more about Tildes Jumis accounting and business automation solution (in Latvian).


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