Tildes Birojs is a reliable assistant for writing and translation. It is used by more than 300,000 users in Latvia for essential help in daily tasks at work and at home.

Tildes Birojs works with these operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Text translation directly in these browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.


Tildes Birojs Home Edition


Tildes Birojs 2014


Latvian Spelling and Grammar Checker

Spelling checker verifies the spelling of every word and offers to replace a misspelled word with the proper spelling. Words that are unambiguously misspelled are automatically corrected.

Grammar checker verifies sentence structure and punctuation. It offers corrections for the most common grammar mistakes.

The Thesaurus provides options for improving the harmony of the text by offering synonyms for Latvian words.



For Latvian, Tilde Birojs provides the largest collection of English, German, Russian, and French translations and terminology; moreover, it understands and translates word case forms and provides comprehensive grammatical information.

Get to know the world's best automatic translator for the Latvian language that works in these directions: Latvian-English-Latvian and Latvian-Russian-Latvian.

With this tool, you can translate not only a sentence, but also a whole document at once.


Use the collection of encyclopedic information to review or find out facts, explanations, terms, and foreign words.


Improve use of language in your work and find the most appropriate words with the expanded collection of synonyms in Tildes Birojs Thesaurus.


Always at your fingertips. Easy to customize templates for essential business documents. Always at your fingertips.


Keyboard Tools and Layouts

Keyboard Pianist — an option to quickly toggle between Latvian and other language keyboard layouts.

Keyboard layouts — all of the most commonly used Latvian language keyboard layouts and a possibility to choose input keys for Latvian letters.

Special keyboard layouts for the Liv language and for Cyrillic.


Serif and sans-serif text fonts, title, decorative and calligraphic fonts for Latvian and Russian.

OpenType format with letters for all European languages, including characters for the Liv language.

A unique font of Latvian ornaments.