Tilde has launched an excellent project to promote Latvian art and show the close link between the culture and technologies. We take to incorporating works of young Latvian artists into images of Tilde’s products. This visual frame is going to be changed on regular basis to display the most fascinating pieces created by young artists.

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Curriculum Vitae

Evija Freidenfelde Sedleniece


My emotional life can be described as a sparkling cocktail of excesses, which I try to tame and preen to make it easier to live. Every day at work, I am far away from art; self-control in the lawyer's job is a more than necessary feature. I am happy to express my emotions in painting and thus let my hair down.

My oil paintings contain my emotions and feelings that have accumulated and suddenly ring a bell and do not leave me alone till I have not expressed them in images and colors. Since painting is my major leisure passion, I do it vigorously and enthusiastically, I experiment with colors and styles, and, what is the most important for me — I make the painting process fun. In painting in general and in works of other artists, I look for the ability to express emotions and mood with colors and images through reshaping of the setting and characters instead of copying the reality. I could paraphrase words of Kurt Vonnegut: „My art is a flight of a soul broken by gravity”.

Date and place of birth
October 25, 1966, Talsi town
An autodidact
2006-2008 Kaspars Perskis Studio
2009 Latvian Photo Academy
2004 University of Latvia, Faculty of Law, Master's degree
1990 University of Latvia, Faculty of Biology, Bachelor's degree
Group exhibitions
Pārmija (Switch) Art Days 2010, Riga Art Space, Latvia
Landscape Ainava 2010. Gallery „Laipa” Valmiera, Latvia
Just Art from Saatchi online showdown. Art Paris at Le Grand Palais, 2011, Top 32, France
Landscape Ainava 2011. Gallery „Laipa” Valmiera, Latvia

Solo exhibitions
Sense of multiplication, 2010. Creative Space „Tasty”, Riga, Latvia
Oil paintings 2011. Talsi region, Laidze, Latvia
Paintings 2011. Salon „Sakta”, Jekabpils, Latvia
Works have been included in provate collections in Latvia
2006-2008 Latvijas pagasti, SIA „321”, a photographer
2009 Touring photo exhibition of the 'Creativus'' organization: "Latvian nature: our beauty"
2011 Participation in the creation of art photo album "Kuldīgas sajūtas"
2011 International photo project Amber Breeze
Mākslas Bardaks 2011 (Art Mess 2011), Gallery of the Latvian Artists Association, Riga, Latvia
Publications about the artist:



Baiba Rēdere



For me, painting is a way to experience the imperceptible, to attempt reproducing the unreproducable, to say the unsayable. It is a language enabling me to
communicate in levels beyond words. And — succumbing to the creative,
loving power in me!

Therefore, abstraction is my most favourite trend in art. It does not prompt how to look and what to think. Often, viewers are scared at this trend as it seems to be complicatedly not to understand what is depicted. However, exactly the attempts to understand restricts you the most, puts you in a frame, stereotypes, representations, prevents you from experiencing the live, sublime, creative, mysterious in yourself and in the world around yourself.

Therefore, such art also from the viewer requires indulgence, sensitiveness, intuitive watching, co-feeling. It must not be understood; allow it to touch, stir, vibrate, inspire you!

„Once upon a time, there was a circle. It was drawn in sand on a seashore. „I know the secret of infinity”, the circle said. The sea splashed a wave of water and erased a part of the circle. „Infinity is alive”, it said.” (J. Rubenis, M. Subačs)

I think on similar lines and invite you to look for a mystery both in life and art!

Date and place of birth
25 January 1972, in Riga
2006–2008 - Art Academy of Latvia, Master program in the K. Zariņš and A. Naumovs workshop of multi-visual painting (academic degree of Master of Arts in art, plastic (spatial) — representational arts, painting);
2001–2005 — AML, Department of Textile (Bachelor's Degree in arts);
1992–1996 — Riga College of Design and Art, Department of clothes
1991–1992 — Liepāja College of Design and Art;
Participation in exhibitions
since 2002
Solo exhibitions
Solo exhibition “MAPPA MUNDI fragmenti” (Apsīda gallery, Riga, October 2005);
Solo exhibition “MAPPA MUNDI” (the Mencendorf House, Riga, December 2005);
Solo exhibition “AIZ REDZAMĀ“ (BonhanS.S gallery, Riga, August 2008)
Solo exhibition “IEELPA....IZELPA“ (Asūna gallery, Riga, March 2010)