We foster creative ideas and endeavour to implement them.

We work with passion and responsibility towards our customers. We value teamwork and are proud of our brilliant team. We believe that a creative, well-organized and user-friendly work environment allows people to transfer their energy into professional growth and effective work.

What our people say

- "It is an opportunity to be among the first who devise and implement solutions, which after years will become a routine worldwide."

- "Our products and services are necessary and useful to users. You can feel that your work is useful."

- "Here, your extra effort on a project is appreciated."

- "We work on contemporary and future-oriented things: language technology, machine translation, and in many of these fields we are the only and first ones who do something at all, so, we are already one step ahead of competitors."

- "We have challenging tasks, great colleagues and pleasant working environment here."

- "In Tilde, work is creative rather than routine. There is a lot of research rather than production. We are doing what others cannot."


Our Research team